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Attendee Feedback

Event Attendee Feedback

The Future of Lending: FinTech Trends and Technology 5-4-16

“I am always impressed by the quality of the events and panel put together by MIT forum.”

“The level of knowledge each speaker had was great. They each had original thoughts on the subject matter.”

“Good discussion of lending using technology. Nice venue….”

“Not always being a fan of panels (vs. individual presentations), I was VERY pleased with this group. Bringing into two from California and NY was a good move and a sign of the reach of the MIT Forum. Good job!”

“Excellent panel — good discussion. Lots of room in the back of the space for networking.”

2016 Trends in Cybersecurity 2-24-16

“This event certainly surpassed and brought things to my knowledge as I am in the process of becoming a small business person. I left the event with a Lot more knowledge, wisdom, understanding than before I came.”

“The speakers and discussion were the best the Forum has had in a while.”

“All of the panelists were very experienced experts. Their experience gave them a lot of credibility.”

“The interaction between the panelists was excellent. They all appeared to be experts in their field.”

Charging Into the Future: The Impacts of Improved Battery Storage 1-27-16

“Speakers were very knowledgeable and provided several key insights that I didn’t know of earlier. Also, it was a great networking opportunity.”

“Mike Austin helped me understand the re-use opportunities for some batteries and how that will impact on-site storage for homes. It was helpful to have Ben Wrightsman put concerns into context.”

Run It By The Pros 11-16-15

“My first MIT event was the Jeff Arnold session two weeks ago at TechSquareLabs. That set the baseline for me to compare with this event. I enjoyed the energy at this event.”

“Well attended and professional.”

“Nelson Chu provided very specific feedback to presenters on their pitch.”

Build Something From Nothing 11-3-15

“Great to see Jeff Arnold in a small venue and interacting with Allen Nance. Well done. Thanks.”

“Very well done and great opportunity to see the space and network.”

“Jeff Arnold was great and it was a good preview into TechSquareLabs. Would love to see a preview of AT&T Foundry or Microsoft’s new space downtown.”

Media Disrupted 2-24-15

“The speakers and the information content was absolutely fantastic. Very informative and each gave great insights into the industry.”

“Great content and networking – I enjoyed MIT and WIC coming together.”

“I knew this event was a stretch to a new industry I haven’t spent much time in, so I was pleased to learn of some of the key drivers of innovation that will shape the change in landscape of traditional and emerging “broadcast media” over the coming 5-10 years.”

“The panel had great chemistry and information and personal stories.”

“Engaging discussion from the various/different vantage points of the speakers.”

Mobile Security 11-12-14

“Great stories and examples by speakers.”

“Highly informative, engaging, even entertaining.”

“Panelists were great and the moderator was good.”

Data Science 10-1-14

“I enjoyed the description of real case studies of Data Science in practice.  The guidance on what pitfalls to avoid when engaging a business on leveraging big data. Great venue, good acoustics in auditorium.”

Entrepreneurs Uncensored 2.0 and Office Hours  9-9-14

“Really great concept. I greatly appreciate the opportunity for this kind of mentoring. Thank you!”

“My business partner and I spent almost 30 minutes prior to the main event speaking with an experienced Angel investor. We learned a lot that will help us in our entrepreneurial adventure.”
“I was pleased with the level of interest and knowledge of the mentors and walked away with specific items on my to-do list.”

“Very good format and candidness of speakers.”

Run It By The Pros 5-22-14

“All aspects of the event were exceptional. From the time that I walked into the venue you could tell it was first class.”

“(The people) I met from the MIT Forum were very nice and welcoming since this was my first MIT Forum event.”

“The other attendees were great to speak with and I had great networking opportunities with interesting people. Moving into the presentations, I thought all of the presenters brought their own style and did a great job.”

“It was a good blend of companies in unique areas with both hardware and software products. I believe they were all provided quality feedback on their businesses.“

“I can’t think of one aspect of the event that I felt was any less than excellent. I appreciate (The Forum’s) time and attention to detail.”

Visualization Entrepreneurs Uncensored 4-16-14

“Transparent authentic and humble teachers. Altruistic.”

“The panelists were excellent.”

“I didn’t expect the drops of wisdom from a leadership perspective.”

“Frankness and openness of the moderator and panelist was excellent.”

“Very pleasant and good training as to what to expect as a successful entrepreneur.”

“I know Randall (Foster’s) story and so liked the detail.”

“Accessibility to quality people was greater at this event than at other similar events sponsored by other entities.”

“Val (Rahmani’s) honesty was great.”

3D Printing: Bringing Together Power of Visualization and Creation 3-5-2014

“I did not expect to see more than one 3D printer and the displays were awesome.”

“Real power hitters in the industry.”

“Excellent panel.”

“Excellent discussion by all speakers”

“Amazing turnout! People generally seemed more open to mix and mingle at this event than at others I have attended.”

“Really good speakers. Late night for an old person like me. And very crowded.”

“Great speakers”


“Helped me understand that this tech is much further along than I realized .. thanks!”

“Found the content fascinating — really like to hear about disruptive technologies.”